This is a pure private project. Nobody will be forced to accept the challenges.

Why should I participate here?

Why you should not? Sometimes life is passing by and you need an impulse to leave the daily routine. Maybe only for a few minutes but maybe for a longer time.

Why Do I get another challenge when I call the website on another computer?

That is correct. Currently we are saving the challenges at your web browser. If you open the site on another browser on another computer we cannot recognize you. But what we want is that anybody who opens our site gets another challenge.

Why do I get the challenge again that I got some time ago?

Unfortunately this can happen. We are thinking about new challenges every day but even then challenges will repeat themselves. But I you have an idea for a new challenges please let us know.

You have done someting wrong so I will sue you.

We are very sorry about that. This was not our intention. But before calling your lawyer maybe you could contact us directly. We are very sure that we can discuss this incident and smooth these things out.

How do you want to earn money with this site?

Well, this is indeed a very good question. Actually our plan is to wait for Google or Microsoft to buy us for one or two billion. Until then we will run this as a private project and will ear one or two bucks with advertising.

I really like your site. How can I support you?

That is great. The best is you tell your friends about ChallODay so we can get more popular. Use the Facebook like button to do this.